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Will there be a season 2 of love by chance?

Love By Chance Season 2 (2020) Season 2 of Love By Chance will focus on Tin-Can due to the lack of closure in the initial season. Fans are demanding for closure and the production team obliged.

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Furthermore, how many seasons are in love by chance?

Love by Chance (Thai TV series)

Love by Chance: The Series
No. of episodes 14
Producer(s) Siwaj Sawatmaneekul
Running time 50 minutes

Beside above, are Perth and Saint a real couple? Saint and Perth aren't a real couple but people being 'uncomfortable' with Saint being dominant because they're used to seeing him as Pete, is just a larger symptom of straight people putting queer people in boxes.

Considering this, how many episodes are in love by chance?


Is love by chance on Netflix?

Love by Chance. When a bashful scholar meets an outgoing athlete, new feelings and friendship blossom in a collegiate world filled with complex truths.

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