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Will Rain X stop condensation?

Most people know about using Rain X on their windshields, but it can also help reduce condensation on your windows. By applying Rain X to the exterior glass, you can reduce exterior condensation. It makes the water gather together and run off of the window.

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In this way, does rain x stop fogging?

Use Rain-X Anti-Fog to prevent fogging before it even begins. This formula works by treating interior glass and mirrors with a coating that attracts water. This means moisture collecting on glass quickly disperses and thins out, keeping the glass clear and fog-free.

Likewise, does opening windows stop condensation? A beautiful view and opening the window will clear any condensation. Condensation occurs when air hits a surface that is cold enough for condensation to occur, so it does not matter how little moisture there is in the air, if the surface is cold enough you will get condensation.

Besides, how do you keep your windows from fogging up in the rain?

Heat - Turning the heater on will help to warm the windows so they are above the dew point. Don't recirculate - While the recirculate setting on your car's heater might make it warm up more quickly, it means that the moisture stays inside the car! Turn this off to let the fresh air in and the water out.

How long does rain X anti fog last?

about 3 months

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