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Will it blend Letterman?

6. Breaking Stuff - Blendtech was a viral sensation for years on YouTube with their “Will it Blend” series of high-strength blenders meeting hot consumer items like iPads and Xboxes but Letterman busted stuff to see what would happen first with stunts like tossing objects off of a warehouse roof.

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Regarding this, what blender does will it blend use?


Additionally, will it Blend case study? Blendtec case study - How one company used video marketing to increase sales by 700% 1. BLENDTEC C ASE STUDY TOM DICKSON, FOUNDER OF BLENDTEC, ABOUT TO BLEND A BRAND NEW IPAD. The concept of the Will it Blend campaign was to see if the company's home and professional blenders could indeed blend anything.

Besides, will it Blend host?

' Host Steps Down. Tom Dickson's Will It Blend? was one of the first great web series on YouTube. The show, in which Dickson attempts to pulverize various solid object using a Blendtec blender, aired its first episode in 2006 and was an immediate hit.

How much is a Blendtec blender?

Those who will take full advantage of the power and function it offers. The biggest drawback of this blender is the price. At just under $500, it is very difficult to justify for the casual culinary enthusiast.

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