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Will Apple watch be on sale Cyber Monday?

There are a number of excellent Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals on all Apple Watch models right now. The Apple Watch Series 4 with both cellular and GPS and the new Apple Watch Series 5 with always-on display have both been on sale, and there are a few Cyber Monday discounts you'll want to snap up.

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Likewise, will there be Cyber Monday deals on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Cyber Week deals are nearly gone, but you can still get discounts on the Series 5 and Series 3. The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch we've ever tried, and it's on sale for Cyber Week. You can save on the older Apple Watch Series 3 and the brand-new Series 5.

Furthermore, will the Apple Watch go on sale for Black Friday? Consider one deal we've been following: Walmart has had the Apple Watch Series 3 on sale for an all-time low of $129. This deal is currently out of stock but could return soon. Just skip the Apple Store and look for Apple Watch Black Friday deals from authorized Apple retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Also question is, how much will an Apple watch cost on Black Friday?

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular, $229 (originally $379) [You save $150] Apple Watch Series 4 GPS, $299 (originally $349) [You save $50] Apple Watch Series 5 GPS, $409 (originally $429) [You save $20] Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular, $459 (originally $499) [You save $40]

Will Apple watches go on sale for Black Friday 2019?

Best Black Friday Apple Watch deals, 2019 Amazon is also offering the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) 38mm, for $169.99 (was $199) — $40 more than Walmart's sale price. Target has the Apple Watch Series 3, also starting at $169.99 (regularly $199.99). Best Buy shoppers can save up to $300 on the Apple Watch Series 4.

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