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Why you shouldn't Google your symptoms?

The main reason to stop Googling your symptoms is your own mental health – visiting Doctor Google too often could turn you into a hypochondriac. But apart from not scaring yourself silly, there are some other practical reasons to avoid typing in your symptoms.

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Also question is, why is it bad to Google symptoms?

It is the tendency of self-diagnosing yourself with medical conditions by searching for symptoms online, resulting in serious anxiety. Case in point, just look for any symptom online and it is bound to be linked with some form of tumour or cancer. It can also make you feel sicker than you actually are.

Also, should you never google symptoms? The one thing anxiety sufferers should never do to avoid making themselves feel worse. When you are in a state of anxiety, particularly health anxiety, you will look for reassurance wherever you can. Googling health symptoms is a common behaviour in people who suffer from anxiety, health anxiety and hypochondria.

Also Know, can Googling symptoms make them worse?

Googling your symptoms when you're unwell is hardly a new thing. 'Googling your symptoms is often the worse thing someone could do as it will just cause unnecessary anxiety. Anything you Google will often lead to your condition being something incredibly serious when really you just have a common cold.

Why you should not diagnose yourself online?

But while self diagnosis can lead to stress and improper diagnosis or self-treatment, the use of the Internet in healthcare actually has some amazing potential. “I don't think people should diagnose themselves, but they should use the Internet to become educated,” Mago says. “Many diagnoses are missed,” Mago says.

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