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Why would an electric water heater stop working?

When there's no hot water, the problem can stem from lack of power, a faulty electric thermostat or a faulty upper electric heating element. When the water's not hot enough, the problem can be an undersized water heater, crossed hot and cold connections, or a faulty heating element or thermostat.

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Likewise, people ask, how do I fix my water heater?

Common Repairs for a Gas or Electric Water Heater

  1. Turn off the power to an electric water heater by switching off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse on the water heater circuit in your home's breaker box or fuse panel.
  2. Turn off the gas supply by turning the gas pilot control valve to the "pilot" setting on the water's gas valve.

Beside above, what to check when there's no hot water? If you have no hot water at all, check to see if your water heater is actually getting gas. Turn the gas control knob to PILOT. Remove the cover where your burner and pilot light is located (at the bottom of the water heater) There should be a flame lit inside.

Moreover, how do you reset the pilot light on a electric water heater?

How to Light a Water Heater Pilot Light

  1. Open the door/cover over the pilot light access.
  2. Use a flashlight or a headlamp to find the burner inside.
  3. Turn the gas knob to “Pilot,” press and hold it down.
  4. While still holding the gas down, light that pilot.
  5. When the flame ignites, continue to hold the gas knob or button down for a full minute.

How do you turn on a electric hot water heater?

For an electric water heater, you'll need to locate the circuit breaker that controls the heater and turn it on. If the breaker isn't labeled, look for a double-pole breaker that has the same amp rating as the heater. Simply switch on the breaker to turn on the electric water heater.

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