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Why was there no dunk contest in 1998?

In 1998, during NBA All-Star weekend in New York, the powers that be decided there would be no dunk competition on All-Star Saturday for the first time since the event's inception in 1984. (Cameras captured Bryant ungraciously fist-pumping after a blown Finley dunk, which may not have helped.)

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Also to know is, who won the 1998 slam dunk contest?

Past NBA Slam Dunk Contest champions

Year Host City Winner
1996 San Antonio Brent Barry
1997 Cleveland Kobe Bryant
1998 New York City The WNBA-NBA 2Ball Competition replaced the Slam Dunk Contest
1999 Philadelphia Lockout – Shortened Season, No NBA All Star Game

Also Know, who won the NBA dunk contest last night? WINNER: Derrick Jones Jr. The last Slam Dunk contest won in this city was in 1988, when Michael Jordan famously outdueled Atlanta Hawks dunk king Dominique Wilkins in an epic battle between two of the greatest showman the league has ever seen.

In respect to this, who won the dunk contest 2019?

Hamidou Diallo

Has Aaron Gordon won a dunk contest?

Aaron Gordon is now a two-time People's Champ in the Dunk Contest. Gordon, who in 2016 was the winner in the eyes of many when he was runner-up in an epic showdown with Zach LaVine, was once again robbed of the trophy. Gordon had another classic performance, getting perfect scores on each of his first five dunks.

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