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Why was the Morrill Tariff passed Brainly?

The Morrill Tariff was passed because the North needed money to fight the Civil War. This was a contract in which it asks for money in order to earna dn but weapons enough ships to fights in the Civil war.

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Similarly one may ask, what was the purpose of the Morrill Tariff?

The passage of the tariff was possible because many tariff-averse Southerners had resigned from Congress after their states declared their secession. The Morrill Tariff raised rates to encourage domestic industry and to foster high wages for industrial workers.

Subsequently, question is, did the South seceded because of tariffs? The South did not secede primarily because of slavery. In Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, he promised he had no intention to change slavery in the South. The Civil War began because of an increasing push to place protective tariffs favoring Northern business interests and every Southern household paid the price.

Correspondingly, did the Morrill Tariff cause the Civil War?

So the simple answer to common questions about the Morrill Tariff is, no, it was not the "real cause" of the Civil War. And people who claim a tariff caused the war seem to be trying to obscure, if not ignore, the fact that slavery was the central issue of the secession crisis in late 1860 and early 1861.

Why did the North put tariffs on the South?

The major goal of the tariff was to protect the North's industries by taxing goods from Europe. Some in the South, particularly those from South Carolina, felt they were harmed directly by having to pay higher for goods imported from Europe.

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