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Why was Ja Rule not charged?

Ja Rule is free from a class-action lawsuit. A federal court on Wednesday dismissed a class-action lawsuit against rapper Ja Rule that alleged he falsely promoted the doomed Fyre Festival. Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison last year for wire fraud charges.

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Similarly, you may ask, is Ja Rule being charged for Fyre festival?

Tickets for the festival were available for up to $75,000 (£58,000). Billy McFarland, founder of Fyre, is serving a six-year jail term but Ja Rule was not arrested or charged in connection with the fraud. When a follower asked if he lost money through his involvement with Fyre Festival, Ja replied "plenty".

Subsequently, question is, did Fyre festival attendees get their money back? Meanwhile, many Fyre Festival attendees have told reporters over the past two years that they have not been able to secure a refund for the tickets they purchased, though some say they've had luck getting refunds by going through their banks or credit card companies to dispute charges.

Keeping this in consideration, why did Ja Rule Get Away With Fyre festival?

The rapper Ja Rule was officially dismissed on Monday from a $100m class-action lawsuit filed by Fyre festival attendees, clearing him of any legal wrongdoing. “This ruling is nothing short of a total vindication of Mr Atkins,” Ja Rule's lawyer, Ryan Hayden Smith, told AllHipHop.

What went wrong with Fyre festival?

Billy McFarland, the organizer of the festival, was sentenced to six years in prison in October and ordered to forfeit $26 million. McFarland pleaded guilty in March 2018 to wire-fraud charges in relation to Fyre Festival, which became infamous after hundreds of attendees were left stranded in the Bahamas last year.

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