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Why is TPN hypertonic?

The reason that larger amounts of nutrients in a hypertonic solution can be supplied via the superior vena cava than with peripheral parenteral nutrition is that the superior vena cava has a much larger diameter and a higher blood flow rate, both of which serve to quickly dilute the TPN solution.

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In this way, is TPN hypertonic or hypertonic?

TPN is a hypertonic solution containing carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes, trace elements, and vitamins. It is not used to meet the hydration needs of clients.

Beside above, why is a filter needed for TPN? TPN must be administered using an EID (IV pump), and requires special IV filter tubing (see Figure 8.10) for the amino acids and lipid emulsion to reduce the risk of particles entering the patient. Do not abruptly discontinue TPN (especially in patients who are on insulin) because this may lead to hypoglycemia.

Herein, is TPN hypotonic?

Although TPN/PPN and fluids containing 5% dextrose are iso/hyperosmolar, they are effectively hypotonic because the dextrose is rapidly metabolized.

Who is TPN given and why?

TPN is ordered for patients who, for whatever reason, cannot obtain adequate nutrition through their digestive tract. This could be because of a blockage or a leak in the digestive tract. Some patients have absorption issues as well, perhaps due to short bowel syndrome.

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