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Why is the upper atmosphere hot?

Thermosphere 53–375 Miles - In the thermosphere, molecules of oxygen and nitrogen are bombarded by radiation and energetic particles from the Sun, causing the molecules to split into their component atoms and creating heat.

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Also question is, is the upper atmosphere hot?

The exact temperature of the thermosphere can vary substantially, but the average temperature above 180 miles (300 km) is about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius) at solar minimum and 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit (927 degrees Celsius) at solar maximum.

Beside above, what is the upper atmosphere? Neutral gas has been given the name thermosphere. The ionized gas, ions and electrons combined, is the ionosphere. This mixture, which co-exists permanently, is called the upper atmosphere. The upper atmosphere typically begins around 70 km above sea level.

Also Know, why is the upper atmosphere cooling?

They do so by intercepting the outgoing heat radiation, and re-emitting it back down to the earth's surface. But in higher, thinner layers of the atmosphere, the increased carbon dioxide has a cooling effect by improving these layers' ability to emit heat radiation into the void of space.

Why is the atmosphere hot?

When these compounds absorb the infrared radiation from the surface, the atmosphere heats up. The energy reflected back toward the earth warms the surface further, causing the earth to emit more infrared radiation. This creates a cycle that keeps the atmosphere and the surface warm.

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