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Why is the sugar in DNA called Deoxyribose?

The sugar in DNA is called a deoxyribose because it doesn't have a hydroxyl group at the 2' position. Instead it just has a hydrogen.

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Thereof, what is the definition of deoxyribose sugar?

Deoxyribose, or more precisely 2-deoxyribose, is a monosaccharide with idealized formula H−(C=O)−(CH2)−(CHOH)3−H. Its name indicates that it is a deoxy sugar, meaning that it is derived from the sugar ribose by loss of an oxygen atom.

Additionally, what is the structure of deoxyribose sugar? Deoxyribose is an aldopentose, meaning that it is a monosaccharide which contains five carbon atoms, and also contains an aldehyde functional group in its linear structure. Essentially, the deoxy sugar is just a pentose sugar ribose, with the hydroxyl group at position 2 replaced with a hydrogen instead.

Beside above, what sugar does DNA contain?


What is the sugar in DNA called Answers com?

The sugar in DNA is Deoxyribose (Nucleic Acid). It is a type of 5 carbon sugar, ribose.

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