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Why is the chromosphere pink?

The chromosphere emits a reddish glow as super-heated hydrogen burns off. But the red rim can only be seen during a total solar eclipse. At other times, light from the chromosphere is usually too weak to be seen against the brighter photosphere.

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Also to know is, what is the purpose of the chromosphere of the Sun?

The chromosphere gives off a light called a hydrogen alpha emission, giving it the red color. The light it projects is faint compared to the bright light given off by the photosphere. Most people can only see the chromosphere during a solar eclipse.

Likewise, why is the chromosphere important? The chromosphere is an irregular layer above the photosphere where the temperature rises from 6000°C to about 20,000°C. This emission is seen in other solar-type stars where it provides important information about the chromospheres and activity cycles in those stars.

In this way, what layer of the sun has a pinkish color?


How did the chromosphere get its name?

The Sun's chromosphere appears as a rim of red light during a solar eclipse. The lower region of the Sun's atmosphere is called the chromosphere. Its name comes from the Greek root chroma (meaning color), for it appears bright red when viewed during a solar eclipse.

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