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Why is the chromosphere important?

NASA/Marshall Solar Physics. The chromosphere is an irregular layer above the photosphere where the temperature rises from 6000°C to about 20,000°C. This emission is seen in other solar-type stars where it provides important information about the chromospheres and activity cycles in those stars.

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Hereof, what is the purpose of the chromosphere?

The chromosphere may play a role in conducting heat from the interior of the sun to its outermost layer, the corona.

Likewise, can chromosphere be seen? The chromosphere sits just above the photosphere and below the solar transition region. This makes the chromosphere normally invisible and it can be seen only during a total eclipse, where its reddish color is revealed.

Also Know, why is the corona important?

The corona extends far out into space. From it comes the solar wind that travels through our solar system. The corona's temperature causes its particles to move at very high speeds. These speeds are so high that the particles can escape the Sun's gravity.

What is the chromosphere made of?

The outer layers of the sun, like the chromosphere, are made of mostly hydrogen, and some helium gas in the form of plasma. Although only visible during a solar eclipse, the chromosphere is red in color. In fact, the chromosphere was originally named as such due to the red color.

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