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Why is the baby Albert experiment unethical?

Watson and Rayner did not develop an objective means to evaluate Albert's reactions, instead of relying on their own subjective interpretations. Secondly, the experiment also raises many ethical concerns. The Little Albert experiment could not be conducted by today's standards because it would be unethical.

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Correspondingly, what was the ethical controversy in the Little Albert experiment?

Ethical considerations Although he probably continued to fear various furry objects for a time, Albert would likely go on to experience extinction later in life, losing the mental association between furry objects and loud noises.

Also Know, what happened in the Little Albert experiment? The Little Albert Experiment demonstrated that classical conditioning—the association of a particular stimulus or behavior with an unrelated stimulus or behavior—works in human beings. In this experiment, a previously unafraid baby was conditioned to become afraid of a rat.

In this regard, what Happened to Baby Albert after testing?

Although blurry, FBI forensics made a positive match between Douglas and the photographs of Little Albert taken at John Hopkins. However, the end of the story is somewhat tragic as Douglas died aged 6 years of age after developing hydrocephalus.

Was deception used in the Little Albert experiment?

Little Albert, and surely the hospital he was taken from were completely deceived, not necessarily lied to, but deluded and presented the truth in a misguided form. I am pretty sure that even at the time the research was conducted (1920s), the experiment was based as unethical, but still it continued to go on.

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