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Why is sublimation performed under reduced pressure?

Sublimation is a technique used by chemists to purify compounds. A solid is typically placed in a sublimation apparatus and heated under vacuum. Under this reduced pressure, the solid volatilizes and condenses as a purified compound on a cooled surface (cold finger), leaving a non-volatile residue of impurities behind.

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Similarly, you may ask, how does pressure affect sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of transformation directly from the solid phase to the gaseous phase, without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. Also, at pressures below the triple point pressure, an increase in temperature will result in a solid being converted to gas without passing through the liquid region.

Likewise, why is sublimation a physical change? Sublimation is a physical change. When a substance sublimes, it changes from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid phase. This does not result in a chemical change, though. Dry ice is carbon dioxide in the solid phase.

Correspondingly, why does sublimation skip the liquid phase?

Energy is taken away during sublimation. This is the process in which a gas changes directly to a solid without going through the liquid state. It occurs when gas particles become very cold. Why sublimation occurs has to do with the inter-molecular forces in the substance.

Why do solids sublime?

Sublimation happens when the total pressure of the atmosphere is less than the vapor pressure of compound, and melting has not happened yet because it is not hot enough. Melting temperature is built into a substance. It depends only weakly on the outside world. But boiling point depends on the surrounding pressure.

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