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Why is Steve important in the outsiders?

Steve Randle: Soda's best friend, and a member of the Curtis brothers gang. Steve can be sensitive--he cries when Dally dies--but he usually just tries to be tough. He thinks of Ponyboy as a baby, calling him a tag-along when Soda invites Pony places. Because of this, Pony sometimes hates him.

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People also ask, what does Steve do in the outsiders?

Steve is a seventeen-year-old greaser who works with Sodapop at the gas station. Steve knows everything about cars and specializes in stealing hubcaps. He is cocky and intelligent, tall and lean. He wears his thick hair in a complicated arrangement of swirls.

Also Know, why does Steve like to fight in the outsiders? Steve likes to fight because he has a lot of hatred inside of him. Darry doesn't answer Ponyboy when he asks him why he likes to fight, but Soda says it's because he likes to show off his muscles. Ponyboy says that Darry fights for prideful reasons.

Hereof, what is important to Steve Randle?

Steve Randle is a greaser and a member of The Gang. Seventeen-year-old Steve is tall, lean, cocky, and smart. He likes to comb his hair in thick complicated swirls. Along with that, he's been Soda's best buddy since grade school.

Why does Steve not like ponyboy?

Steve does not like Ponyboy because he thinks he is a “tag along”. Two-Bit Mathews is another member of the gang. Pg 12 We learn how Mathews got his nick name. The gang did not catch the Socs.

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