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Why is specification important in purchasing?

warranty, and packaging. The specification is the total description of the purchase. Specification Purpose—The purpose of any specification is to provide purchasing personnel with clear guidelines to purchasing, and to provide vendors with firm criteria of minimum product or service accept- ability.

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Also asked, why is a specification important?

Let's look at the main reasons why the specification is so important to the construction process: It provides clear instructions on the intent, performance and construction of the project. It can reference the quality and standards which should be applied. Materials and manufacturers' products can be clearly defined.

Similarly, what is a purchase specification? The characteristics that are associated with an item or product to be purchased. It can include weight, size and dimensions, quality, safety requirements and the products performance parameters.

Just so, what are the advantages of specification?

Advantages: 1) When a buyer has to purchase or is required to purchase a particular type of goods from more than one supplier, specifications ensure the identity of goods purchased. Thus, the materials with identical nature can be purchased from different suppliers on the basis of specifications only.

What is an effective specification?

Effective Specification Writing. A specification is a document describing the buyer's needs, which enables providers to propose an appropriately costed solution to meet those needs. In parallel it provides a means to tender evaluation.

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