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Why is some lumber blue?

Blue stain is a common cause for the discoloration of lumber. Certain dark-colored microscopic fungi cause a bluish or grayish discoloration in the sapwood of the tree. Blue stain has no effect on the performance and strength of lumber.

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In this manner, what is blue wood?

BluWood is a preconstruction, factory-applied, two part wood protection system. BluWood contains DOT and is applied to protect the wood from fungus and wood destroying insects, including Formosan termites.

Also, why are some 2x4 blue? Why Mike Holmes Loves Coated Lumbers. The other coated lumber Mike uses on his shows is Bluwood (an American product) which is coated with a distinctive blue coating that is mold, moisture, and insect resistant. Bluwood resists rot and termite damage, so in a damp climate or a basement, Bluwood is the way to go.

In this regard, what is blue stain lumber?

Blue stain is a common fungus that infects the sapwood of freshly sawn boards causing a blue discoloration in pine. The infestation most often occurs during the summer months when freshly sawn boards are exposed to the open air before kiln drying. The color can range from a striking blue to a dull gray or black.

Why is some lumber pink?

That pink preservative protects the lumber against fire, mold, fungus and rot.

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