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Why is obsidian not a mineral quizlet?

Why is obsidian not a mineral? the atoms are not arranged in a regularly repeating crystalline structure.

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Then, why is obsidian not considered a mineral?

Obsidian is mineral-like, but not a true mineral because as a glass it is not crystalline; in addition, its composition is too complex to comprise a single mineral. It is sometimes classified as a mineraloid. Crystalline rocks with obsidian's composition include granite and rhyolite.

Furthermore, what is not true about minerals? Solid: Liquids and gases are not considered minerals, in large part because their structure is constantly changing, which means they do not have a characteristic crystal structure. A true mineral must be solid.

Also know, why Glass is not considered a mineral quizlet?

This orderly packing of atoms is seen and shaped as what many know today as crystals. Some naturally occurring solids, such as volcanic glass (obsidian) lack a repetitive atomic structure and are not considered minerals. the common mineral quartz consist of Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O) atoms in a ratio of one - to -two.

Why is natural glass not considered to be a mineral?

Natural glass (obsidian) is a volcanic rock, but it is not a 'mineral' because glass is not crystalline: it is a supercooled liquid: no crystals had time to form. Man made glass is not a mineral because it is man- made (not naturally occurring) and also - it is not crystalline.

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