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Why is NaCl melting point?

Sodium chloride has a high melting and boiling point
There are strong electrostatic attractions between the positive and negative ions, and it takes a lot of heat energy to overcome them. Ionic substances all have high melting and boiling points.

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Similarly, you may ask, why is melting point of NaCl high?

Sodium chloride has a high melting point because the lattice is constructed from positive sodium ions and negative chloride ions. This ions attract each other with a strong electrostatic force. To break the bonds between the ions you jeed high temperature. The melting temperature depends on the ion charges.

Furthermore, why does NaCl have a higher melting point than LiCl? ? Sodium has higher reactivity so it more easily loose electron than lithium and make more stronger bond of attraction than lithium. That is why sodium and chloride ions makes a stronger bond than lithium and chloride ions. Hence it needs more energy to break the bond.

Similarly, it is asked, what is melting point of NaCl?

801 °C

Why melting point of NaCl is higher than cacl2?

Both sodium chloride and magnesium chloride are ionic solids. Such compounds (that contain ionic bonds) have a very high degree of attraction between bonding atoms, which results in high melting points. In fact, magnesium chloride has a greater degree of covalency as compared to sodium chloride.

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