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Why is my Ligustrum tree dying?

This root rot causes the breakdown of the tree's vascular system, which prevents the transport of nutrients and water throughout the tree. The infected tree experiences browning and wilting of the foliage, dieback and growth stunt. Ligustrum trees infected by phymatotrichum root rot should be removed and discarded.

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Simply so, why is my Ligustrum dying?

Based on the symptoms, the reason for your privet hedge to be dying is: A common privet killer – Honey Fungus (Armillaria) – a fungal disease that spreads through the soil. Very destructive in nature, it feeds on the roots of the hedge and leaves them decaying afterwards.

Secondly, why is my Ligustrum yellow? Privets are susceptible to several fungal disorders, such as leaf spot and root rot, that can cause leaves to turn yellow. When the problem is severe, leaves may blacken and die. Proper spacing of plants helps ensure good air circulation, so that foliage dries quickly after rain and fungus doesn't grow.

In this regard, why is my sunshine Ligustrum losing leaves?

Too little or too much water can also cause yellowing, which is hard to see on this plant, and dropping of leaves. Too little or too much water can also cause leaves to brown on the tips and margins of the leaves. The plants should be kept moist but never too wet or dry.

How do you treat Ligustrum leaf spots?

Spray or dust with a copper fungicide recommended for general use on ornamental plants being careful to cover the underside of the leaves. Add a spreader-sticker to the spray. Leaf Spots (fungi – Exosporium concentricum, Cercospora adusta, Phyllosticta ovalifolii): Brown or dark colored spots occur on the leaf.

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