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Why is my ferret dragging his back legs?

The most common symptom of posterior paresis is weakness in the ferret's back legs. Your ferret may begin to drag his hind legs while walking or have difficulty standing up altogether. Ferrets with hind leg weakness may also be unable to control urination and defecation.

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In respect to this, how do you know when a ferret is dying?

When death is rapidly approaching, you may find your ferret collapsed, taking deep breaths. Their body temperature will drop to 97 degrees or less. If they are moaning or wheezing with each breath, they are near to death.

Secondly, do ferrets have legs? Ferrets are the third most popular pet, according to the American Ferret Association. A ferret is a small, furry creature with a cone-shaped nose, long tail and a long, pear-shaped body with short legs and long claws. Ferrets are related to wolverines, ermines, minks and weasels in the Mustela genus.

Just so, why is my ferret falling over?

Insulinoma is a benign growth in the pancreas that causes the body to release too much insulin, resulting in persistently low blood glucose/sugar. Signs of insulinoma are lethargy, poor appetite, weak hindlegs, falling over, hypersalivation and even seizures.

How do you stop a ferret from having seizures?

If your pet experiences a hypoglycemic episode at home, offer a little honey or corn syrup using an oral syringe. If he/she has collapsed, rub honey or corn syrup on the gums, being very careful to avoid being bitten. If your ferret is having seizures, you should not try to put anything in the mouth.

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