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Why is my Dyson fan not working?

Ensure the machine is plugged in and the socket is switched on. If the fan cuts out or will not switch on, please turn the machine off at the socket and remove the plug. Wait 10 seconds, plug the machine back in and ensure the socket is switched on. Press the on/off button again to start the fan.

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In this manner, why has my Dyson stopped working?

The most common cause of no power is the machine overheating and cutting out. In this case once the vacuum cleaner loses power leave it for at least half an hour and then try turning it back on again. If it comes back on again after an hour then clean your filters and check for blockages.

Similarly, why is my Dyson not holding its charge? Non-functioning battery When your Dyson no longer powers on even after charging the most likely cause is a damaged battery. This means the battery will no longer hold a charge and will need to be replaced. Once a new battery is purchased you can learn how to replace it by visiting our battery replacement page here.

Secondly, how do I reset my Dyson fan?

Factory reset Press and hold the power button on the machine for approximately 20 seconds. The WiFi light will flash both green and white in a rapid sequence of flashing lights, before switching itself off. Once this sequence has been completed, the machine will have been reset and you can release the power button.

Why does my Dyson keep stopping and starting?

One of the first things to do when your Dyson vacuum cleaner keeps starting and stopping is to empty the bin. It may be full, or the machine may simply perceive it as too full to continue working. Dyson vacuum cleaners require constant airflow through them to work, and a full bin can stop this from happening.

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