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Why is my cold water tank overflowing?

The most common reason for a cold water tank to overflow is a faulty ball valve. As the water level in the cistern rises, the float pushes a washer onto the valve seating – a plastic nozzle inside the valve body. This stops the flow of water into the cistern.

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Furthermore, why does my overflow pipe keep running?

When an overflow pipe is dripping or running with water, one of the most common causes is a problem with a float valve. Float valves are found in toilet cisterns, cold water tanks and central heating feed and expansion tanks. When the water in the tank is used, its level goes down and so does the ball and arm.

Secondly, how do you adjust a ballcock in a cold water tank? Bend the arm downwards so that it ends up being curved downwards. Water will now force the float to act on the arm and close the valve at a lower level. Newer style ballcock valves have a screw for adjusting level. Turn the screw clockwise to reduce the level to which the tank fills.

People also ask, why is my rainwater tank overflowing?

That said, two common causes of tank overflow issues include: Incorrect water inflow/overflow ratio – if you have several pipes feeding rainwater from your roof into your rainwater tank, then quite possibly water is flowing into your tank much faster than it can overflow from your tank.

What to do if overflow pipe is dripping?

When your overflow pipe is leaking, it may indicate that you've got a problem with the float valve. The float valve is usually a plastic ball at the end of a metal arm in the tank that's usually found in the loft. It controls the water level of the tank and will cause your overflow pipe to leak if it's faulty.

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