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Why is Mollusca important?

Mollusks are important in a variety of ways; they are used as food, for decoration, in jewelry, and in scientific studies. They are even used as roadbed material and in vitamin supplements.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how do Mollusks help the environment?

Mollusks are among the most diverse and abundant animal groups, inhabiting many aquatic and terrestrial environments. They are important ecosystem engineers, helping to structure aquatic bottom environments and providing habitat, protection, and food to a wide array of other taxa.

Also, what are the economic importance of molluscs? The marine molluscs are very important since many of them are used as food, they also have other uses such as crafts making, to dye cotton, yarn and clothes, etc., so it is that they have received special attention and become a natural resource of economic importance (Rafael Flores – Garza et al.,2012).

Furthermore, are mollusks useful or harmful?

Molluscs are very beneficial in other ways as well. They are responible for stablizing many marine ecosystems. Many mollusca are poisonous to humans as well a other species. Undercooked shellfish can also be very dangerous and should only be prepared professionally.

How do Mollusca reproduce?

Mollusks reproduce sexually. Slugs and snails are hermaphrodites (possessing both male and female organs), but they must still mate to fertilize their eggs. Most aquatic mollusks lay eggs that hatch into small, free-swimming larvae called veliger.

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