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Why is it called Passion Week?

“This Holy/passion week is important to us as Christians, people should hold prayers at their different churches or groups this week as we commemorate the Passion of Christ, who died on Good Friday in reparation for the sins of mankind, and rose on Easter Sunday to give new life to all who believe.”

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Herein, why is it called the passion?

The Passion is an episode in a longer story and cannot be properly understood without the story of the Resurrection. The word Passion comes from the Latin word for suffering. The crucifixion of Jesus is accepted by many scholars as an actual historical event.

One may also ask, what happened on each day of Passion Week? During Holy Week, Christians recall the events leading up to Jesus' death by crucifixion and, according to their faith, his Resurrection. The first is Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus' humble entry (on a donkey) into Jerusalem to observe Passover.

Also know, why is it called Holy Week?

Holy Week. Holy Week, in the Christian church, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, observed with special solemnity as a time of devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ. In the Greek and Roman liturgical books, it is called the Great Week because great deeds were done by God during this week.

What is the biblical meaning of passion?

Webster defines passion as “the state or capacity of being acted on by external agents or forces; intense, driving, or overmastering feeling.” When looking at different Bible translations, the words zeal and passion are used interchangeably in Scriptures. God is referred to as zealous and passionate.

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