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Why is it called data mining rather knowledge mining?

Data Mining also known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases, refers to the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown and potentially useful information from data stored in databases. Data Cleaning: Data cleaning is defined as removal of noisy and irrelevant data from collection.

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Beside this, what is data mining Why is it called data mining rather knowledge mining?

Data mining is looking for hidden, valid, and potentially useful patterns in huge data sets. Data Mining is all about discovering unsuspected/ previously unknown relationships amongst the data. Data mining is also called as Knowledge discovery, Knowledge extraction, data/pattern analysis, information harvesting, etc.

One may also ask, what is knowledge discovery data mining? The term Knowledge Discovery in Databases, or KDD for short, refers to the broad process of finding knowledge in data, and emphasizes the "high-level" application of particular data mining methods. The unifying goal of the KDD process is to extract knowledge from data in the context of large databases.

In this manner, why data mining is not known as knowledge mining?

This is an analysis based on historic data, we may do statistical calculation and arrive into some information. So knowledge is not the only output from a data mining process and it make sense to call it as data mining as a broad umbrella term.

Why do we need data mining?

Because it can improve customer service, better target marketing campaigns, identify high-risk clients, and improve production processes. In short, because it can help you or your company make or save money. Most businesses and organizations collect data about their operations.

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