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Why is h2s not an acid?

Hydrogen sulfide is a gaseous acid with a pKa of about 7. When you dissolve it into water it becomes hydrosulfuric acid, which is a weak acid. When you dissolve it into water it becomes hydrosulfuric acid, which is a weak acid. If you got it on your skin, it would be mildly irrirating.

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Similarly, is h2s an acid?

Thus, H2S is hydrosulfuric acid, rather than hydrosulfic acid, as the name “sulfide” might suggest. The compound, H2S, is called hydrogen sulfide when it is in pure form but it is called hydrosulfuric acid when its acidic properties in aqueous solution are being discussed.

Likewise, why is h2s not dihydrogen sulfide? ELI5: Why is Hydrogen sulfide called that way and not Dihydrogen Sulfide, if its formula is H2S? Because the molecular structure goes something like this: H-O-O-H In this case, the two oxygen form a single bond between each other , and this group is called a peroxide- or peroxo-group.

Accordingly, why is h2s acidic?

While H atom with S lacks H bonding and thus there bond can be broken very easily as compared to water. Thus due to this in H2O , H+ release is very difficult while H2S does it very easily and thus H2S becomes acidic. So H2S is only acid in water because it can only supply H+.

Why is h2s more acidic than water?

The S-H bond is weaker than the O-H bond, meaning that H2S more easily donates a proton and is therefore more acidic. S is much larger atom than O, so the H–S bond is much longer and weaker than H–O; hence H2O is weaker acid than H2S.

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