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Why is emotion important in art?

Emotional responses are often regarded as the keystone to experiencing art, and the creation of an emotional experience has been argued as the purpose of artistic expression. Research has shown that the neurological underpinnings of perceiving art differ from those used in standard object recognition.

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Then, how does emotion affect art?

Our studies have shown: Emotions in the arts affect us on a subjective and bodily level which influences aesthetic evaluations, e.g, liking. Rather the emotional tone of artworks leads to congruent emotion changes on a subjective and bodily level in a perceiver.

Similarly, how do artists convey emotions? One view of emotional expression in art is that it is preceded by a perturbation or excitement from a vague cause about which the artist is uncertain and therefore anxious. The artist then proceeds to express feelings and ideas in words or paint or stone or the like, clarifying them and achieving a release of tension.

why is art so important?

Art is important because it encompasses all the developmental domains in child development. Art lends itself to physical development and the enhancement of fine and gross motor skills. Children learn about themselves and others through art activities. It really helps them build self-esteem.

Is art the language of emotions?

Art is the language of emotion. It is the only Area of Knowledge that humans can use to express themselves to the fullest. This is not limited to just visual arts, but inclusive of music, literature, theatre, among others. Sense and Perception as a Way of Knowing.

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