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Why is Creon important?

As the king of Thebes in Antigone, Creon is a complete autocrat, a leader who identifies the power and dignity of the state entirely with himself. Creon's power madness makes him unyielding and vindictive, even to his own son, who speaks as reasonably to him as the Creon of Oedipus the King spoke to Oedipus.

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Also know, why is Creon important in Antigone?

King Creon is the antagonist in the play because he refuses to allow Antigone to bury her brother Polyneices, but like the parents who make their children clean their room, his reasoning isn't all bad. He makes this ruling because Polyneices had attacked Thebes with an army.

Also, how is Creon good? Creon as a Tragic Character in “Antigone” In the play “Antigone”, Sophocles at first portrays Creon as a just leader. He has good, rational reasons for his laws and punishments. By the end of the play Creon's hubris, or excessive pride, has taken over him, which leads to his demise.

what does Creon symbolize?

The main symbol in ''Antigone'' is the stone tomb. For Creon, it represents being true to the living state and rulers, instead of the dead ones. For the gods, this tomb represents dishonor and disregard for them. Other symbols in ''Antigone'' include money, as Creon believes that greed must lead people.

How did Creon come to power?

Creon took over the throne because Oedipus' two sons, Eteocles and Polyneices, were too young to become rulers. As time passed, and the two sons aged, Eteocles claimed the throne for himself, exiling his older brother Polyneices.

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