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Why is copper cookware so expensive?

Copper itself is expensive, because of very high demand and limited supply. Copper is used by many professional chefs because of its superior heat conductivity. Hot spots are pretty much unheard of in copper pots and pans, and you can reach very precise heats.

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In this way, what's so great about copper cookware?

Copper has been used and cherished for around 9,000 years. Above all, it is the excellent heat conductivity that makes copper a perfect base material for pots and pans. It is widely known that copper conducts heat five times better than iron and even twenty times better than stainless steel.

Additionally, why copper is so expensive? It also has a high demand making its price even higher. Also, when melted it will oxidize with air and thus has to be done in an enviroment without oxygen. to give you an example, copper is so expensive that companies are taking the wiring from old buildings and houses and melting it to get copper cheaper.

are copper pans worth the money?

First off, copper pans are almost always the most expensive. They cook food evenly and carefully. They're reactive, so if you're cooking something like eggs or an acid, like tomato sauce, you'll run into problems; but if you're cooking something dark-colored and nonacidic, you're golden. Copper is worth the price.

Is it safe to use copper cookware?

Helping hand. And while we have you, a rumor we'd like to dispel: Copper is 100% safe to cook in, so long as it is lined with another, non-reactive metal (and most copper cookware is). Most commonly, you'll find linings made of nickel, tin, or stainless steel.

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