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Why is conservatory furniture Wicker?

Often people choose rattan and wicker furniture for a conservatory because it has a natural beauty that fits into the environment. It adds a clean simplicity to any garden room. It is also very durable and UV resistant. It stands up to weather conditions such as humidity, heat and exposure to the sun.

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In this manner, what is the best furniture for a conservatory?

The most popular and practical choices for furniture for conservatories and garden rooms are rattan, willow or Lloyd Loom. Metal and glass are also suitable and stone, mosaic and marble top tables are an excellent choice if you intend to use your conservatory as an informal dining room.

Additionally, how do you care for banana leaf furniture? Clean your banana leaf pieces as needed with a damp sponge or soft brush dipped in a solution of water and mild dish detergent to restore their natural luster. Work on a small portion at a time and dry them with a soft clean cloth.

Also Know, can you use conservatory furniture outside?

Natural rattan and cane conservatory furniture is not suitable for use outside either in summer or winter. It is purely indoor furniture; although it could be used outside on a dry day and stood on a hard surface. The furniture must be brought indoors at night.

How can I make my conservatory look good?

Choose stripes. Add a twist to your conservatory decor with clever striped blinds. Not only do the horizontal lines elongate the space, but the opaque fabric keeps the light flowing, too. Balance the busy windows with pale modular furniture for a stylish and welcoming room.

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