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Why is conic projection best suited for small areas?

Conic projections are not widely used in small scale mapping because of their relatively small zone of reasonable accuracy. Because of this problem, conic projections are best suited for maps of mid-latitude regions, especially those elongated in an east- west direction.

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Also, what is the advantage of a conic projection map?

The major advantage of the Lambert Conformal Conic map projection is how it retains conformality. Despite how distances are reasonable accurate and retained along standard parallels, it isn't equal-area as distortion increases away from standard parallels.

what is a Polyconic projection and why is it useful? l?ˈk?n?k ) a type of conic projection in which the parallels are not concentric and all meridians except the central one are curved lines. It is neither equal-area nor conformal, but is suitable for maps of areas or countries of great longitudinal extent.

In this manner, what are conic projections most accurate at?

Conic projections are most accurate at A. lines of latitude touched by the cone.

Why do we need map projections?

The need for a map projection mainly arises to have a detailed study of a region, which is not possible to do from a globe. Similarly, it is not easy to compare two natural regions on a globe. Therefore, drawing accurate large-scale maps on a flat paper is required.

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