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Why is Balanoglossus not a chordate?

ADVERTISEMENTS: But the absence of notochord, dorsal position of pharyngeal gill-slits, external food collection, lack of distinct dorsal tubular nerve cord and many other features justify that it does not stand on the direct line of chordate evolution.

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Likewise, people ask, why Balanoglossus is connecting link between non chordates and chordates?

Hope It Helps You. Balanoglossus is considered as a link which connects the chordates and non chordates. It is because though Balanoglossus is a non chordate but still they have some characters of chordates like - possessing a notochord, a nerve cord which is tubular in shape, and also the gill slits.

Secondly, why is Balanoglossus placed in the phylum Hemichordata? Balanoglossus is an ocean-dwelling acorn worm (Enteropneusta) genus of great zoological interest because, being a Hemichordate, it is an "evolutionary link" between invertebrates and vertebrates. Hyman (1959), however, placed them near Echinodermata and gave Hemichordata a status of an independent phylum.

Then, what is the chordate structure of the Balanoglossus?

Balanoglossus is a deuterostome, and resembles the Ascidians or sea squirts, in that it possesses branchial openings, or "gill slits". It has notochord in the upper part of the body and has no nerve chord. It does have a stomochord, however, which is gut chord within the collar.

Which type of Coelom is present in Balanoglossus?

Coelomic sacs are present in the body of Balanoglossus. The proboscis coelom (protocoel) is an unpaired cavity. This cavity is greatly reduced by the connective and muscular tissues except at a central space which accommodates the proboscis complex.

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