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Why is a sequential design desirable when possible?

Sequential designs are also appealing because they allow researchers to learn a lot about development in a relatively short amount of time. In the previous example, a four-year research study would provide information about 8 years of developmental time by enrolling children ranging in age from two to ten years old.

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Correspondingly, what is the major benefit to a sequential design?

Sequential designs have the advantages of both. They offer information in a short amount of time in that you have several groups being studied. You also have individual differences recorded over the long term so that a researcher can look at larger effects and trends.

Beside above, what is a cohort sequential design? cohort-sequential design. an experimental design in which multiple measures are taken over a period of time from two or more groups of different ages (birth cohorts). Such studies essentially are a combination of a longitudinal design and a cross-sectional design. Also called accelerated longitudinal design.

Herein, what is sequential design in research?

Sequential research designs include elements of both longitudinal and cross-sectional research designs. Similar to longitudinal designs, sequential research features participants who are followed over time; similar to cross-sectional designs, sequential research includes participants of different ages.

Which is a major challenge specific to longitudinal designs?

The main challenge of using a longitudinal design is the cost in time and resources. These studies are much more expensive and take much longer to conduct than a cross-sectional study with the same number of participants. A second issue is the impact of repeated testing.

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