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Why does Shakespeare use contractions?

When writing in iambic pentameter, it is necessary to alternate stressed and unstressed syllables, and measure feet to each line. Many of the contractions you see used by Shakespeare and other writers of the period are being employed to make the words fit a particular rhyming or verse scheme.

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Likewise, people ask, why do poets use contractions?

Poetic contractions are contractions of words found in poetry but not commonly used in everyday modern English. Also known as elision, these contractions are usually used to lower the amount of syllables in a particular word in order to adhere to the meter of a composition.

when did contractions start being used in English? Contractions were first used in speech during the early 17th century and in writing during the mid 17th century when not lost its stress and tone and formed the contraction -n't. Around the same time, contracted auxiliaries were first used. When it was first used, it was limited in writing to only fiction and drama.

Also question is, do other languages have contractions?

) languages, especially in informal speech. There are differences, though, in when contractions are acceptable. You generally wouldn't use them even in informal writing, though, but they can show up in direct transcriptions of informal speech and in a few other specific contexts.

Do English people use contractions?

No apostrophe. 'Can't' is a contraction. That is, they come from the spoken language and you will find them used in every country in which English is spoken, the UK included. They are not Americanisms.

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