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Why does my car AC compressor keep turning on and off?

Short cycling, when the compressor constantly shuts on and off, is one of the most common air conditioning problems. Several conditions cause short cycling, including a faulty or obstructed thermostat, leaking refrigerant, icy coils or an HVAC system that is too big for the building in which it is installed.

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Considering this, should AC compressor kick on and off?

If it is working properly, the compressor should stay on for more than 45 seconds and should only switch off briefly before switching back on.

Also Know, why does my car air conditioner works intermittently? Intermittent cooling is often caused by the components of your vehicle's AC system freezing up. There may be numerous issues causing the icing—from a dirty cabin air filter to a blocked evaporator drain or an overcharged system. Look for puddles of water under your car—this could be a sign of a freezing problem.

Also question is, what causes AC compressor to short cycle?

Below are three of the more common causes of short-cycling: Thermostat problems: Often, the reason that an air conditioner stops its cooling cycle early is because a faulty thermostat tells it to. Refrigerant leaks: Loss of refrigerant through leaks will cause multiple problems for an air conditioning system.

Why does my AC compressor keep shutting off?

A few common causes of this problem include: Improper Refrigerant Charge – If there's too much or too little refrigerant in the system, the compressor may shut off randomly and prematurely. Dirty Condenser Coils – When condenser coils get clogged with dirt, dust and debris, compressors sometimes cycle off too quickly.

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