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Why does Miss Sasaki get the creeps?

Miss Sasaki was given the creeps by the fact that everything in the city was covered by hundreds of variations of fresh, vividly-colored plant life. Miss Sasaki had the symptoms of spot hemorrhages, which were beginning to show up in many patients.

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Furthermore, what sudden change in Hiroshima gives Miss Sasaki the creeps?

Hiroshima Review

Which of the following people was not in Hiroshima during the explosion? Father Siemes
What sudden change in Hiroshima gives Miss Sasaki the creeps? The thick, new growth of wildflowers
What does the Japanese word hibakusha mean? Explosion-affected persons

Secondly, how did Miss Sasaki fiance react to her injuries? Miss Sasaki's fiance reacted to her injuries by not coming to see her. This made her not have the will to recover. At first, there were very few fires. Why were so many people burned?

Secondly, why was Fr kleinsorge weak pale and shaky?

He developed dysentery. He was having anxiety attacks from the bombing.

What was John Hersey's purpose in writing Hiroshima?

Part of John Hersey's goal in writing Hiroshima was to show that there was no unified political or national response to the bombing of Hiroshima, but that there was one definite effect on the people affected by it: they came together as a community.

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