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Why does Ichiro wear his first name?

He also made it clear that, just as he had in Japan, he wanted to be recognized by his first name only. In May 2001 Ichiro became the first and only U.S. player to wear a baseball jersey bearing only a first name. The Mariners did not regret opening their purse for their Japanese import.

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Then, is Ichiro his first or last name?

It was during the 1994 season that he began to use his given name, "Ichiro," instead of his family name, "Suzuki," on the back of his uniform.

Additionally, how old is Ichiro? 46 years (October 22, 1973)

In this manner, what does the name Ichiro mean?

The name Ichiro is a boy's name of Japanese origin meaning "firstborn son".

Did Ichiro ever won a World Series?

They lost the ALCS to the Yankees. But seriously, Matsui winning the World Series MVP doesn't trump all of Ichiro's accomplishments. Ichiro played pro baseball in Japan from 1992-2000, collecting 1,278 hits, a . 353 career batting average, seven Gold Glove awards, and three league MVP awards.

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