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Why does having a sticky stigma benefit a plant?

The stigma is the tip of the pistil, one of the female reproductive parts of a flower, and it's essential for pollination and fertilization. The stigma's sticky exudate is complex blend of substances that trap the pollen and prepare the pollen grains to perform fertilization.

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Keeping this in view, what is the advantage of having a sticky stigma?

Most stigmas are covered with a waxy, sticky substance. This wet substance allows stigmas to provide an important service by re-hydrating dry pollen to prepare the grains to enter the ovary and initiate the process of fertilization.

Also, why is flower important to a plant? The primary purpose of a flower is a reproduction. Since the flowers are the reproductive organs of the plant, they mediate the joining of the sperm, contained within pollen, to the ovules i.e. contained in the ovary. Pollination is the movement of pollen from the anthers to the stigma.

Also Know, what does the stigma do?

Stigma – The head of the pistil. The stigma receives pollen, which will begin the process of fertilization. Style – This is the name for the stalk of the pistil. When pollen reaches the stigma, it begins to grow a tube through the style called a pollen tube, which will eventually reach the ovary.

Why is producing flowers with both male and female reproductive structures an advantage for the plant?

parts Attract insects and other pollinators to the flower.

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