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Why does electron affinity decrease down a group?

The less valence electrons an atom has, the least likely it will gain electrons. Electron affinity decreases down the groups and from right to left across the periods on the periodic table because the electrons are placed in a higher energy level far from the nucleus, thus a decrease from its pull.

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Likewise, why does electron affinity decrease from top to bottom?

Electron affinity increases from left to right within a period. This is caused by the decrease in atomic radius. Electron affinity decreases from top to bottom within a group. This is caused by the increase in atomic radius.

Beside above, what happens when you go down a group? Decreases as you go down a group because electrons are close to the nucleus in smaller atoms making the attraction stronger. The trend in atomic radius as you go down a group and why this occurs. Increases as you go down a group because higher energy levels have larger orbitals so the size of atom increases.

Also to know is, why does ionization energy decrease down a group?

When moving to the right of a period, the number of electrons increases and the strength of shielding increases. As a result, it is easier for valence shell electrons to ionize, and thus the ionization energy decreases down a group. This is due to electron shielding.

Why do Group 1a elements have negative electron affinity?

So, except for noble gases, all electron affinities are negative, not just in the alkali metals (not alkaline). This process is exothermic in almost every atom except the noble gases, because their valence orbitals are filled so there is no room for an extra electron unless it goes to a higher level.

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