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Why does co2 diffuse faster than o2?

When gases are diffusing through liquids, for example across the alveolar membrane and into capillary blood, the solubility of the gases is important. The more soluble a gas is, the faster it will diffuse. In this case carbon dioxide diffuses much faster than oxygen, as it is much more soluble.

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Moreover, why is co2 more soluble than o2 in blood?

First, carbon dioxide is more soluble in blood than is oxygen. Therefore, when it reaches the lungs, the carbon dioxide can freely dissociate from the hemoglobin and be expelled from the body. Third, the majority of carbon dioxide molecules (85 percent) are carried as part of the bicarbonate buffer system.

Also, why does hydrogen diffuse faster than oxygen? Graham's law states that the rate of effusion or of diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its molecular weight. So, rate of diffusion of hydrogen gas is four times faster than oxygen gas.

In this regard, which gases will diffuse faster than co2?

In terms of molecular mass ammonia would tend to diffuse fastest. Carbon dioxide has the greatest molecular mass and should be xpected to diffuse slowest. In terms of temperature carbon dioxide also has the lowest heat capacity of the 4 gases. It should definitely be the slower diffusing gas in atmosphere.

How do you tell which gas will diffuse the fastest?

It states that the diffusion rate of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its molar mass (molecular weight). Stated in simpler terms, lighter gases (in terms of density or molecular weight) will diffuse faster than those gases with higher densities or molecular weight.

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