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Why does Catherine lock Edgar and Heathcliff in the kitchen?

In the kitchen, Catherine demands that Heathcliff tell her his true feelings about Isabella. In a rage, Edgar declares that Catherine must choose between Heathcliff and himself. Catherine refuses to speak to him, locking herself in a room and refusing to eat.

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In respect to this, why does Catherine chose Edgar over Heathcliff?

Catherine tells Nelly in chapter nine of the novel that the reason she will marry Edgar is that he can give her the material possessions that Heathcliff can't.

Also, what is the significance of Catherine's pregnancy? Catherine's pregnancy is important because the birth of a male heir will prevent Heathcliff and Isabella from inheriting Edgar's estate. Hindley warns Isabella that every night, he visits Heathcliff's room to see if it is locked. He tells her that if he ever finds it unlocked, he will shoot Heathcliff.

Herein, why is Heathcliff so eager for Cathy and Linton to marry before Edgar dies?

He marries Cathy Linton because his father, who terrifies him, directs him to do so, and soon after he dies from a wasting illness associated with tuberculosis.

Why doesn't Lockwood think Cathy will fall in love with him?

Mainly, he does not think Cathy will fall in love with him because she is cold toward him. Cathy is as unfriendly in receiving Lockwood as anyone else at the Heights.

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