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Why does a metallic ion produce a characteristic color in a flame test?

As a metallic ion is heated in the flame test the valence electron are excited or pushed to higher energy level. As the electron get excited they tend to move back to stable cell. Thus metallic ion will emit its characteristic colour no matter which compound it is form.

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In respect to this, why do metallic ions produce color in flame?

When you heat an atom, some of its electrons are "excited* to higher energy levels. When an electron drops from one level to a lower energy level, it emits a quantum of energy. The different mix of energy differences for each atom produces different colours. Each metal gives a characteristic flame emission spectrum.

One may also ask, what does a flame test indicate about the energy changes taking place in a metallic ion? The color of the light depends on the specific energy change that is taking place. Flame tests are a quick method of producing the characteristic colors of metallic ions (we will talk more about ions later). The loosely held electrons of a metal are easily excited in the flame of a lab burner.

Correspondingly, what is responsible for the characteristic Colour produced by different metallic ion?

When they fall back to their ground level orbital, they release energy as light. Each metal ion has a unique configuration of electrons, so each metal releases light of a different wavelength, which corresponds to a different color.

Is flame coloration a test for the metallic ion?

Flame Coloration Test is used to determined the characteristics/identity of the unknown element or simply a metallic ion bases on their characteristics that emit light. A Flame Coloration test is usually used in metallic ion.

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