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Why do you need a dishwasher?

Anti-bacterial detergent and elbow grease can only go so far; to truly wipe out disease-causing germs, you need to bring the heat. And only dishwashers can bring wash temperatures up to bacteria-killing levels. Your kitchen sink and counter are the perfect breeding grounds for disease.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the point of a dishwasher?

The function of the dishwasher is to provide the mechanical action necessary to distribute and direct the detergent solution and rinse waters over, under and around the dishes to loosen and remove soil.

Also, is it better to wash dishes by hand or dishwasher? In our tests, we found that it took just over 12 gallons of water to wash four place settings by hand. In other words, hand washing used 5 times as much water as an efficient dishwasher, and 3.5 times more water as an average dishwasher. The more dishes you wash by hand, the more water you'd waste.

Beside this, can you live without a dishwasher?

Following are some ways to make life without a dishwasher as painless as possible. Soak. To make hand-washing less of a scrub-fest, make every effort to keep food from drying on dishes and pots and pans. If you can't wash something right away, at least submerge it in or fill it with warm soapy water.

How often should I use my dishwasher?

It is best to run the dishwasher about once a week to keep the motor seals working properly. The dishwasher can be run on a short wash.

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