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Why do we decontaminate?

Decontamination protects workers from hazardous substances that may contaminate and eventually permeate the protective clothing, respiratory equipment, tools, vehicles, and other equipment used on site; it protects all site personnel by minimizing the transfer of harmful materials into clean areas; it helps prevent

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Herein, what is the purpose of decontamination?

The main purpose of decontamination at a hazardous materials emergency is to limit the spread of contaminants from the release area, or "hot zone," to include the cleaning of responders and their equipment.

how do you decontaminate a person? Decontamination of humans is usually done by a three-step procedure, separated by sex: removal of clothing, washing, and reclothing.

In this manner, what are the 3 stages of decontamination?

There are three levels of decontamination: cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

What is the first step in decontamination?

The first step in decontamination is to establish Standard Operating Procedures that minimize contact with waste and thus the potential for contamination.

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