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Why do we air dry bacterial smears?

Air drying the smears before heat fixation is essential. Water can boil while passing the slide through the flame which could alter the natural shape and size of the bacteria. Overheating the smear during heat-fixing process can distort the form and structure of the cells.

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Hereof, what is the reason for air drying the bacterial smear?

The bacterial frost is air-dried before staining to fix the bacteria on the slide so that it does not wash away with a subsequent staining procedure. The culture also gets better attachment through air drying on the slide.

Similarly, what is the purpose of a bacterial smear? SMEAR PREPARATION. The preparation of a smear is required for many laboratory procedures, including the Gram-stain. The purpose of making a smear is to fix the bacteria onto the slide and to prevent the sample from being lost during a staining procedure. A smear can be prepared from a solid or broth medium.

Likewise, people ask, what is the purpose of air drying?

Drying helps remove excess water to ensure optimal heat fixation. Air-drying adheres the bacteria to the slide. Air-drying ensures that the smear is thin enough to stain. The air-drying step coagulates the proteins in the bacteria. Drying helps remove excess water to ensure optimal heat fixation.

What is bacterial smear?

A bacterial smear is a thin layer of bacteria placed on a slide for staining.

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