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Why do they call the ER the pit?

Overwhelmed by the tense, frenetic atmosphere and enormous work load in the hospital emergency room, many doctors view duty in what they call the "pit" as a form of cruel and unusual punishment; others regard it as a purgatory through which they must pass on the way to a more relaxed form of practice.

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Just so, what is the pit in the hospital?

The Emergency Room (More commonly referred to as "The Pit" or the "ER") is where patients are taken in following an emergency requiring medical treatment, including transfers from other neighboring hospitals. The medical treatment required can be severe or minor, ranging from major surgery to a simple prescription.

Additionally, what is the term for death by Doctor? Iatrogenesis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Similarly, it is asked, why is the ER now called the ED?

Nomenclature in English. Emergency department became commonly used when emergency medicine was recognised as a medical specialty, and hospitals and medical centres developed departments of emergency medicine to provide services.

Will the ER tell you if you have cancer?

What an ER doc is not good for is taking care of — or even recognizing — rare diseases and conditions. You don't go to an emergency doc hoping she'll diagnose MS or cancer. It happens sometimes or, more to the point, they sometimes will identify a problem and send you to a specialist.

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