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Why do plants not grow well in acidic soil?

Because soil acidity or alkalinity directly affects plant growth. If a soil is too sour or too sweet, plants cannot take up nutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). And since plants drink their food instead of eating it, if the nutrients aren't dissolved first, the plant can't absorb them.

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Just so, do plants grow better in acidic soil?

A pH of 6.5 is just about right for most home gardens, since most plants thrive in the 6.0 to 7.0 (slightly acidic to neutral) range. Some plants (blueberries, azaleas) prefer more acidic soil, while a few (ferns, asparagus) do best in soil that is neutral to slightly alkaline.

what plants do not like acidic soil? Flowering Perennials Less well-known but worth consideration for acidic soils are plants including crested iris (Iris cristata), butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa), Japanese iris (Iris ensata) and false indigo (Baptisia australis).

In this way, why do some plants need acidic soil?

Acid loving plants prefer a soil pH of about 5.5. This lower pH enables these plants to absorb the nutrients they need to flourish and grow. The list of what type of plants grow in acidic soil is extensive.

What plants do well in acidic soil?

Here is what you can grow in your acidic soil:

  • Azaleas. Azaleas are a gorgeous flowering bush great for adding a splash of color to your landscaping.
  • Rhododendrons.
  • Camellias.
  • 4. Japanese Pieris.
  • Hydrangeas.
  • Daffodils.
  • Heathers.
  • Nasturtium.

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